poem: Beautiful Creature of the Night

Hello people of earth! I just did this poem yesterday (the inspiration comes from Joanna Wilde’s Reaper’s Property..hehehe). This poem is about loving, adoring and liking someone obviously dangerous, and lethal. Could be a person from the other side of the track. But this person clearly gives tingle and good feeling to you. It is inspired by the love stories of women falling in love with bad boys (mafia, bikers, hustlers, etc). Loving someone ‘dangerous’ can be adventurous, sexy, lethal, sensual, thrilling and fun. And obviously, women love bad boys, don’t you?


Beautiful creature of the night

Come out from your cave, oh brave one

Just mingle around, but don’t make a jingle

because it makes me tingle

Beautiful creature of the night,

who comes bump at night

Devoured by darkness, consumed by madness

But oh my goodness, you drive me nuts

I love the way you caress me, kiss me

Tender loving care

Oh, beautiful creature of the night


poem: Love is Funny

Hola! What’s up??!

This poem is about looking at love from different perspective. Love can be fun, love doesn’t have to be miserable. You can enjoy love, you can let go and be free in love. Trust your heart and let go. Don’t try to hide your feeling. Be crazy in love, have fun in love, laugh in love, and just enjoooyyy!!


Let me tell you something funny

Today I met someone

I guess that someone might be the one

Funny though, cause I know nothing about that one

They say love can come at first sight

But it really is funny, my sight went off the moment I saw that one

But hey, no need to worry

Most of people say love is blind

Seriously yeah, but it certainly is funny

Can blind people see the world in color?

I am not colorblind, do you want to know why?

Because all my senses suddenly spring into life

And all my surrounding starts to jumble in colors only for that one

So after all, I guess it must be truly funny


I am giggling cause it’s kicking

Who knows love can be a funny thing

All I know people cry and whine because of love

I didn’t see that one coming though

I wonder if love comes in different facades

Some might be funny, some might be gaudy

Some might even be dandy, or even kinky

Lord knows what this is all about

All I know love is funny

Cause that someone is my honey

And my honey truly is funny

poem: Blue Eyes, Tender Smile

Hello people! 🙂

This poem is about adoration of beautiful people. Physically beautiful people, people who are good to look at, easy on the eyes, gorgeous, all those people. You name it. This is about appreciation of human’s beauty. But not necessarily saying that only stereotypically beautiful people can be appreciated and loved. Cause everybody is beautiful in their own unique way. All I am trying to express is sometimes, when you’re in love, the person you love can be the most beautiful person in the world in your eyes. Love can make you see beautiful elements of other people. It makes you want to cherish God’s creations. So yeah, listen up people. You are beautiful, you are loved, you are wonderful, so go out there and be who you are because the more you’re acting like yourself, the more your inner beauty glows. Enjoy!


Blue eyes, pure light

Tender smile, brighten up the world

Take one look at me, please

Cause then I’ll know that I’ve crossed your mind

Possessive, aggressive, I crave that sassiness

Open up your eyes and please suck me in with your clarity

Blue eyes, too nice

Tender smile, lighten up my burden

Will you take a peek at me?

Peek a boo, peek a boo

Won’t beg you, just trust you

Cause I am sure those eyes can’t lie

Twinkling bright, I wonder is it sapphire?

Not quite, but most definitely not something dire

Too godly, so unlikely

But hey, I like you just the way you are

So please just take one look at me, oh diamond of the ocean

Blue eyes, full of life

Tender smile, bring me back to life

Please take one look at me, please

poem: Knock, Knock, Knock

Ni hao! Privet! Halo! Hi!

This poem is about insecurities, about sheltering yourself, your feeling from the outside world. The world is abusive and you can’t control what people think about you or what they will do to you. It is about guarding your heart cause to be honest there is no one in this world you can truly trust and 100% depends on. People make bad decision every single second, and sometimes it can hurt other people’s feelings. Even a husband can hurt his wife’s feeling. Even a mother can abuse her child. So be wary not to let your guards down otherwise people will attack you, brutally.


Knock, knock, knock, open the door

No I don’t want to open the door

Why are you knocking at my door?

I don’t want to let you in

So please stop the knocking cause I am locking

There’s nothing inside here anyway

Stop being persistent, you are so insistent

It’s dangerous, perilous

The world outside makes me delirious

I better stay inside for all that matters

So you better knock it off and leave me alone

I am not meant to be outside

It’s warm inside here, but it’s cold outside

So you better hurry and be wary

Go hide behind your own door and lock it up

Don’t let the fury lull your worry

Knock, knock, knock, open the door

But no I don’t want, so just leave me alone

Don’t be a knocker, be a locker

Stop, stop, stop, just stop all the knocks

poem: Love is Crazy

Hello you gorgeous people! This poem talks about the intricacies and complexities of love. Being in love is beautiful. But it can also get crazy and messy. But those are the art of love. If your love life is bland and flat, clearly you have to find a way to liven things up. This poem tells people that this person wants a colorful love life. This person wants to experience adventures and laughter in love. Basically this is about the fun parts of love. Well, every lovebird out there should experience these leaps of joy and fun of love. So go out there, express your love, share your love with people you love and just for at least once in your life be true to your heart. Love doesn’t have to be all about push and pull or holding back. It can be beautiful, to the point, and crazy. Just be free in love, you can trust it. It will make you happy.

Love surely is a crazy thing

At one point you’re jumping up and down with joy

But suddenly you get all sad and mad

They say love is crazy

But can you define what crazy is?

Funny, really, how love can change people’s lives completely

Totally and utterly

So now you can say love is a powerful thing

But yet, crazy at the same time


Three words which can drive people crazy

If it really is true, then prove me, amuse me

Now I am wondering, am I crazy?

Cause as crazy as it sounds I admit that I am crazily in love

Does it make me crazy? Now I am wondering

Well, love is crazy, and it really is messy

But I want to be crazy

And I really want to get messy

 Just so I can know what love is

poem: Some More

Hi y’all! What’s up? This is another poem I wrote several days ago. Okay, let’s get this started.

This poem is talking about infidelity in relationships. It shows how people (couple in this case) often hurt each other in a relationship by cheating on their lover. It really comes down to having faith and trust in your lover, honestly. I wonder what truly motivates people to commit adultery. But clearly the aftermath of infidelity is devastating to both parties in a relationship. It goes beyond breakups and divorces actually. It can result in people having trust issue and commitment issue. It results in people hold back themselves and decline to open up their heart. Imagine, if the cheating happens in a marriage, what will the children feel? How will it affect their future? Love is a beautiful thing, really. It is lovers who make it seem dire. There are many reasons why people commit adultery, and I am not trying to blame or judge those adulterers. All I am trying to express through this poem is sadness, sorrow, and grief because I truly want a happily-ever-after story for every couple out there. This is for all the people who have been cheated on, or in grief because of a shattered relationship. You are not alone. If your in-a-brink-of-extinction relationship is worth fighting for, then go for it. Pride and ego can be pushed over to a little corner just for a moment, cause true love conquers all. Remember, you may feel proud today, but you might regret it in the future. So make you decision wisely. Enjoy!


I thought we had it all

I thought we were perfect in every sense

But No, you always wanted some more

Never appreciated what you had

Not until it was long lost and gone

Now I am way past the breaking point

I am irreparable, indescribable, indestructible

But hey, what do you know?

You’re heartless, full of numbness

Always wanted for some more

Always have, always will

Cold blood, hot blood, you drained my love dry

Yet never stop wanting for some more

I am doomed and loomed, was used and wasted

Do I still have it in me to take another step forward?

Maybe life isn’t all that bad

 But who am I to know that?

You’ve sucked me dry

I am dried out, but please light me up

Still, you keep wanting for some more

poem: Get Back at You

Hi people of earth! A few days ago I decided to start writing poems. I don’t know if what I consider as a poem is indeed a poem, know what I mean? Could be anything, I don’t have the expertise in composing poem. The ‘poems’ I have written these past few days were just an expression of what I was feeling inside. Anyway, I think I still need to learn more ‘fancy shmancy’ and ‘upper class’ words in order to be a more ‘artistic’ poet, Lol.  Any idea how I can enrich my English vocabulary fast and not just try to memorize new words in a day and forget the words the next day but get those words ingrained in my brain? Any idea?

Okay, moving on. This poem is about an abandoned relationship. The guy leaves the girl in pursue of someone better because clearly he doesn’t feel satisfy with this chick. He wants MORE. But it doesn’t mean the girl will keep on waiting for this guy to come back to her or just let go of the hurt and betrayal. For some weak girls, probably she will let it go. But this girl is one tough bitch (bitch in any possibly cool way, of course). No, she has something better in mind: Revenge. There’s nothing worse than a woman’s scorn. This poem shows how people keep wanting for more in life without realizing sometimes what you truly want is right in front of your own eyes. But No, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, obviously. This guy doesn’t appreciate what he has. So, this girl wants to teach something to this guy (imagine watching Johnny Tucker must die). So, enjoooyyyy…

The day you walked out of my life

I was hurt of love

Trying to get it out of my mind

But I just couldn’t seem to grasp what it is that I was feeling

You, yes you

You brought happiness and giddiness into my life

And you suddenly took ‘em away from me

I was shattered, I was battered

Too scared to share

All I’ve got now is me, only me

I’m all alone, all alone

I will protect what I’ve got, cause I’ve got nothing to lose

I will be strong, I will not mourn

And you will see one day, when I get back at you

You, yes you

They say payback’s a bitch

But you better know this

I will get back at you