Hello people!

First of all, I love reading! – contemporary romance novels to be specific (not that I don’t like historical romance; I like it but not that much. well, it’s just a matter of preference). I began my journey into the euphoria of reading back in mid-2013 (thanks to my girl, Mango, who opened my eyes and dragged me into the geeky part of this galaxy…lol) but really, I finally found my true passion for reading when I started reading a romance novel called “Kiss an angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips”. I was struck so darn bad, after the first few chapters I just couldn’t put it down and ended up pull an all-nighter just to finish it! I guess that makes me a newbie avid reader (if that’s the correct

Anyway, so far I am enjoying this new passion of mine, I am in for a wild ride! I mean everytime I am alone with my phone, snuggling up to my bed, reading all these novels, it’s as if I am living in another dimension. Life seems so much better, you know what I mean?

I love books with stories that are bigger than life, so full passion and real. I want to be a part of the characters’ growth, I want to feel what they’re feeling, and I want to their passion and love. Well, what can I say, behind this plain facade, I’m a romantic! Most of the times I get emotionally attached to the books I read my heart aches. and sometimes there’s this feeling, this urgency, bubbling inside me but I just couldn’t take it out. Well, at least not until one day I tried to materialize all the emotions I felt into words and just ranted and criticized all over the place and hey, it worked! I felt much better after I poured my heart into making rants of all the books that I read. That’s the reason why I started doing this blog.

By all means, I am no expert in linguistic skills (English is not my first language; mind me for some grammatical mistakes) and all the rants that I will be making are solely my personal opinions, so they’ll tend to be biased. AAAND, most of my posts will contain major spoilers, so read with caution! I’ve warned you, don’t come up one day and start yelling at me, cussing me cause I’ve ruined your surprise of the book.

Soooooo….enjoy my blog! It would be AWESOME if we can be friends and share thoughts and ideas…feel free to leave comments and stuff…Talk to you later! bye


6 thoughts on “Greetings!

  1. micheatsandshops says:

    Awesomesauce! Glad I got you hooked on reading! Welcome to a whole new world of creativity! Keep blogging. Looking forward to your romance novel reviews 😀

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