Love me with lies series (The opportunist, Dirty Red, and Thief) by Tarryn Fisher


The book I just finished reading is called The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher (well, actually I finished the whole series which consist of three books (the opportunist, dirty red, thief) in 24 hours; I just couldn’t put them down once I started!). With quite a lot of mixed reviews out there, plus some warnings that this book will bring readers through one helluva rollercoaster ride of emotions, still, I forced myself and pumped up some courage to give this book a go. I don’t really know what can I say about this nor how can I describe it. So I will just share what I feel about this particular book. First thing that I noticed and sort of annoyed me and make me kind of sad at the same time is about the ‘sex’ issue. I don’t really feel comfortable nor do I think it is right when you find out about your boyfriend or girlfriend’s sexual escapades. I mean, you can call me close-minded or conservative and maybe the fact that I grew up in a society which holds the belief that any sexual act between a man and a woman should take place after both are joined in a holy matrimony also influences my way of thinking but really I could never imagine how I will react under such circumstances, knowing my lover used to have sex with this person, or that person. It makes me feel uncomfortable and jealous, I guess. Scratch the last one. It makes me feel super jealous I will go through some serious emotional breakdown, like, seriously. Cause that body is MINE, nobody else can touch it without my permission. It’s called betrayal, you know what I mean?!!! I think it sort of make me a loyalist (is that even a word?). I do realize the lifestyle of ‘string without attached’ or ‘one-night stand’ or whatever the term is, is quite common in most western countries. I mean, as far as I know, many people don’t even care who the hell they are boinking, as long as they can release their physical needs. For me, sex is supposed to be something special and sacred and exclusive. In my opinion, sleeping around with anyone you want just makes you no different than a prostitute. I’m sorry, I am not trying to be a hypocrite or righteous or judgmental here but that’s just what I think. Scratch that, it’s different. You pay for prostitutes, while what I meant is that you sleeping around with, surely, mutual attraction. Do whatever you want!

Basically the books minus all the complexity of sex will somehow be like: Caleb meets Olivia, falls for her – vice versa, Olivia hasn’t ready to be in a relationship, they break up, he has a new girlfriend, five months later she wants him back, he breaks up with the new girlfriend, they get together, one year later he proposes her, they get married, make a lot of babies, grow old and gray together and they live happily ever after, end of story. See where I’m going with this? So, the core problem of this whole story is if only a man can keep his pants on without having to sleep with every other hot chick with long legs in school, there’s no need for premarital pregnancy, no need for abortion, no need for GRANDE lies, no need for losing virginity to a complete stranger, no need for trust issues, no need for a third-wheel, no need for a faked amnesia, no need for marriage of convenience, no need for affairs, no need for death of families, and so many no needs. But of course without all of these mind-blowing issues, the story itself would be plain whatsoever. My point is, in real life it doesn’t have to be like this. Just remember this, if you truly love someone, if you really think he or she is the one, your soulmate then for christ’s sake just keep your pants on. It takes years to build trust, but only seconds to destroy it.

Okay. Moving on to the casts (each is the lead character with their own POV in each book):

Olivia Kaspen, the protagonist Heroine – my personal favorite! I liked her, a lot. I think she has a great personality and she is strong woman, independent, and self-reliant despite some of her unintended reckless decisions that lead into some great lies. Maybe that is why I feel such an enormous empathy toward her when story started to unfold and when she did some terrible choices. I feel sad for her, and somehow I can relate to her. I mean nobody’s perfect. I can feel what Olivia is feeling inside, as if I’m inside her, which is weird. I mean if I were her, I can imagine how many years I will spend begging and asking for forgiveness from Caleb. But that is life, you know. C’est la vie! People make choices all the time, sometimes it’s just not the right one. And, as I always say, payback is a bitch. You can’t let go free without having to redeem yourself after making some decision. Suck thing is you’ll never know when you might be exposed to the after effect of your own choice. Life can be somehow perfect and peaches and cream and sunshine then suddenly it turns upside down bringing all storms and darkness. It really is a sad reality. The only thing that kind of pisses me off is the fact that Olivia is a very self-reliant woman and she guards her heart and emotion all the darn time. If only she could just stick around and stop running away everytime something terrible happen, they wouldn’t have to waste ten years of lost love.

Johanna Leah Smith. Hmmm…what can I say about this particular woman? First of all, clearly I don’t like her. I even despise her. I think what she is feeling towards Caleb is pure obsession and lust and not love. Obviously if you love someone that much, you wouldn’t want to see him sad or crushed. She does the opposite. She makes his life a living hell. Even in the second book, Dirty Red, which she happens to be the lead character (sort of), most of the part I was just skipping pages cause I couldn’t stand her cruelty and evil mindset. I think the problem with Leah is that she is wild and uncontrollable. That’s why she needs some strong figure of a man in her life (which clearly she is lacking of considering her cold-hearted jerk of a father). If only Caleb doesn’t have as much emotional burden, he might be the perfect contender to control the unbridled Leah. But no, he is a scarred soul and he needs help.

Caleb Drake, the protagonist Hero in this book is pretty much the epitome of college jock. He plays basketball, he is rich, he is famous, he is good-looking, and he’s pretty much a womanizer, if not a man-whore (he pretty much sleeps with almost every gorgeous-looking girl with long legs in campus). I don’t know whether to like his character or not. Basically he is an all around jerk. However, the writer twisted the common knowledge a bit by making Caleb smarter, geekish (not by appearance, but he does read books), and somehow sensitive, thus making it hard for readers not to like him. But I feel his character rather fall short. I think it’s because of his banging-around-every-girl-that-he-met that kind of irritates me. I know I’m kinda bias but I can’t help myself to think that way. Maybe because the way the writer describes him in a way that constantly exposes his sexual adventures that asshole-slash-playboy image perpetually associated with him on my mind. I’m sorry for y’all Caleb’s fans. FYI Caleb finally came to realize that his heart only belong to one person, the raven-haired witch, Olivia. Thus he stopped messing around with women. But how long does it take for him to realize that? TEN YEARS!!! But anyway, I was like props to you bro.

After reading all three books in the series (the opportunist, dirty red, and thief) I feel I’m ten years older now. It was exhausted y’all! My brain is paralyzed! After I read the first book, I was so aggravated by Leah, I just had to start reading book two. But things got worse y’all! And because book two was so annoying, I couldn’t help myself but to directly start reading book three. But it was worth it. I finally had some hope the moment I started reading page one in book three. But Olivia let me down when she refused to divorce Noah and left Caleb all over again. That was a low blow y’all! Also, I think the ending part is too brief and should be elaborated even more. I mean, I’ve spent 24 hours non-stop reading these books full of stress, depression, angst, irritation, sorrow, hope, heartache, and headache and in the end when Caleb and Olivia have finally had their chance to be together for good, I only got…what? Ten pages of epilogue? Five? It is so unfair! CONSPIRACY!! You’ve cut my heart open, exposed it to turmoil of emotions, and you’ve only mended the wound by 50%? I need to be fully mended. I need full recovery! After thousands of pages of torture, and ten years of misery, at least the writer should feel some moral obligation to come up with some brilliant ending to seal the deal! I feel like hanging! No me gusto! Anyway, at least they got together. I am happy for both Olivia and Caleb. PS. For the author: Don’t try to make another book about Caleb and Olivia and ruin their lives! They’ve had enough! Leave them alone. Thank you!


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