poem: Get Back at You

Hi people of earth! A few days ago I decided to start writing poems. I don’t know if what I consider as a poem is indeed a poem, know what I mean? Could be anything, I don’t have the expertise in composing poem. The ‘poems’ I have written these past few days were just an expression of what I was feeling inside. Anyway, I think I still need to learn more ‘fancy shmancy’ and ‘upper class’ words in order to be a more ‘artistic’ poet, Lol.  Any idea how I can enrich my English vocabulary fast and not just try to memorize new words in a day and forget the words the next day but get those words ingrained in my brain? Any idea?

Okay, moving on. This poem is about an abandoned relationship. The guy leaves the girl in pursue of someone better because clearly he doesn’t feel satisfy with this chick. He wants MORE. But it doesn’t mean the girl will keep on waiting for this guy to come back to her or just let go of the hurt and betrayal. For some weak girls, probably she will let it go. But this girl is one tough bitch (bitch in any possibly cool way, of course). No, she has something better in mind: Revenge. There’s nothing worse than a woman’s scorn. This poem shows how people keep wanting for more in life without realizing sometimes what you truly want is right in front of your own eyes. But No, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, obviously. This guy doesn’t appreciate what he has. So, this girl wants to teach something to this guy (imagine watching Johnny Tucker must die). So, enjoooyyyy…

The day you walked out of my life

I was hurt of love

Trying to get it out of my mind

But I just couldn’t seem to grasp what it is that I was feeling

You, yes you

You brought happiness and giddiness into my life

And you suddenly took ‘em away from me

I was shattered, I was battered

Too scared to share

All I’ve got now is me, only me

I’m all alone, all alone

I will protect what I’ve got, cause I’ve got nothing to lose

I will be strong, I will not mourn

And you will see one day, when I get back at you

You, yes you

They say payback’s a bitch

But you better know this

I will get back at you


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