Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wilde


This novel is too good to be true! I fucking loved it! My heart was jumping up and down whilst reading this one. It was intense, romantic, sweet, thrilling, and almost perfect in every sense! Yeah, that’s what I thought. Back off if you don’t agree with me…lol. This is exactly what I love about romance novels. Love stories with massive conflicts and fucked up plots however crystalize with steamy romance, love that is out of this world and a peaches-and-cream-happily-ever-after ending. This is also why I like stories about them biker dudes. They are scary and fierce, indeed. But they are no pretenders when it comes to their feelings. Yes, they are actually a bunch of romantics. They claim what are theirs and they make it clear nobody messes up their territories. A true biker like Horse in this novel shows how a ‘real’ man should stand up for his woman. He claims her as his, and stays faithful to her in return. In contrast, many men nowadays think they got everything that they can treat people whatever, however they please. They disrespect women, girls and fuck everything up. Note to all men out there: Respect people, especially women. Don’t ever take them for granted.

Moving on to this novel, it is about ‘Marie’ Caroline Jensen, an abused wife who ran away from his fuckwad of a husband to live with his brother. His brother, Jeff, got tangled up with some serious shit and currently working for the MC Reaper. This is where Marie first meets Marcus ’Horse’ Antonius Caesar McDonnell, a serious, scary biker dude. Horse doesn’t like to play around, that’s why when he saw Marie. He wanted her. So bad! He doesn’t who she is or where she comes from, he wants her ASAP. This is where the story begins to get better and better. At first Marie resists him, but he doesn’t play push and pull game, he’s doing whatever it takes to get her. Long story short, she ends up moving in his house, as his old lady. Some conflicts start to appear along the way but just intensify the whole scenario.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the sex scenes. All I can say is I-N-T-E-N-S-E! If you’re not familiar with explicit, steamy, erotic sex scene, don’t read this. Just skip it. I am serious. Some of the scenes are too explicit for regular people to read…Lol. And there are plenty of them! But I think mind-shattering sex scenes in romance novels are essential parts of the stories. The author has to create a mind-blowing, almost unrealistic, out of this world sex scenes that are also surreal at the same time. Know what I mean? Cause readers are looking for stories and scenes that are bigger that lives. So, don’t read this book while you’re in public places (train, bus or bus station or whatever) cause you might get blushed and a sudden case of sexual desire. LOL

This novel reminds a little bit of Kristen Ashley’s Motorcycle Man. But I have to admit both are really good. I love romance novels about bikers. Bikers have this emotional connection among their fellow brothers of the same club that goes beyond blood ties. They vow their lives to protect their brothers, which is totally awesome! Cause so many people nowadays are hypocrites and phonies. I can’t stand sometimes seeing friends turn into enemies because one can’t bear to see the other excel better in a certain field, or one is richer than the other or one is better than this or that than the other. Y’all are bunch of crazy bitches. It is revolting, seriously. Why can’t we support each other, love each other and stop trying to backstab each other. Tsk-tsk. We have to get familiar with the idea that you can’t have everything. Everybody is unique and we have to accept ourselves for who we are. If you really think your friend is better than you in a certain thing, it’s maybe just because you didn’t try harder. Why don’t you just channel all those hatred and jealousy into something more positive, like studying, practicing, exercising? Does it make sense now??! That’s why I love bikers. I would do anything to have friends who’ve got my back at all times. A friend in need is a friend indeed, right?

So yeah, I highly recommended this novel for all of you romance novels lovers. Now go grab this book FAST cause this book KICKS ASS is what it is. You won’t regret reading this one. Atta job Ms. Joanna Wilde. I fucking loved your book!


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