Suggar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas


When I first heard about this book a couple of months ago, my initial thought was that this novel is all about the story of a hooker or something like that. Turned out it was so much deeper than that. It was a very strong novel in terms of the main character’s development. In this novel we witness the transformation of Liberty Jones, from zero to hero. From Nada to Prada. She basically proves us how tough a woman can be, leaning on nobody but herself. Born and raised in a considerably poor family (a deceased father and a goody-goody of a mother) who lived in a trailer, Liberty was a hopeless case of a white trash. Well, not that she was entirely white – she was half Mexican, half American. The only reason she had to move on was a troublesome, white-trash boy named Hardy. She didn’t have a vivid dream, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to become, and she was just living her life in the moment. She has no care in the world but herself and her momma until one day when everything turned upside down. Her mother died in an accident when she was barely sixteen, leaving her behind with her two year-old baby sister to take care of and huge amount of other burden. She was forced by life to be an adult even long before the appropriate age. Not to mention the disappearance of Hardy, who had left the town in pursuance of his dream to become financially abundant. She was torn apart inside. But here we can see the real transformation began.

She struggled between maintaining her life at school, and her life at home. After many restless and tired nights, she finally got out of school. Knowing nothing in particular to do, she remembered her friend told her that she would be good in beauty school. The only problem was she didn’t have the money to pay for her study. Lady luck seemed to favor her this time. She stumbled upon an announcement in a local newspaper about scholarships of beauty school. Long story short, she got accepted into the beauty school, all the while raising her little sister. She finally found a job at one of the most prominent salons in the country and life started to get better from that point.

When she finally met Gage. I was beaming with joy! I thought this could be the right moment for her to seal the past and move on with her life. Because all these years, she still hadn’t gotten over Hardy. Meanwhile, Gage made her feel complete again. Their relationship grew from hate to love. And Liberty seemed happier than ever! But life always has its turn to blow us away at every chance when we thought finally have it all. After almost ten years of being apart, guess who did she meet? Yep, Hardy! Once again Liberty was faced with options of whether it was Gage or Hardy she truly loved. Hardy from the past of her life, while Gage from the future of her life. What beautiful about this story is that the author shows us different perspectives from Liberty’s love life. Hence when she made her decision in the end, we understood it crystal clear. I could relate to what Liberty was feeling. Confused, scared, and frustrated. This book wants to tell us that in a relationship of two people, each of us grow. However, sometimes we grow apart. It’s not that we fall out of love. It is just the part of life cycle we have to go through in order to shape us into better people.

This novel is beautifully written. Very smart in terms of the words of choice and the storyline. From the first sentence, this novel screams quality. I can say the author did her job very well. Clearly she did her research in order to make readers feel the story as being realistic and believable. And it is realistic and believable. I feel like those characters are real people who exist somewhere on this earth. And I truly enjoyed the character of Gage in this novel. This tall, dark, handsome hero is very mature, very understanding, he has a BIG heart, and he’s not afraid of claiming what is his. On a personal note, I think all of his traits made him one of the strongest heroes in contemporary romance novels. I really enjoyed this novel, a lot! I didn’t know why this novel remained unread in my TBR list for a few months. I haven’t read that many novels until now, but I have to say, this novel made it to the top of my list as one of my favorite contemporary romance novels. I truly recommend you all to read this one!


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