True Love Story by Willow Asher


Remember what I wrote two posts ago? “You better keep your pants on!” As much as I dislike reading novels with adulterous affairs that lead to heartbreaking stories, it seems like I keep coming back to the same plot. Aside from that, it always does it for me. I like exercising my anger and frustration (probably I have an issue with anger management..pffft). Anyway, this woman by the name of Layla is a vicious serpent. I think I have a built-in GPS specially designed to track down skanks. Cause let me tell you, this woman gave me cold vibes even at her first appearance in the book and I KNEW she would be the one to get on my nerves! I snapped at the mention of her name! Anyway this is not about her. I won’t give her the highlight of the day.

This novel is about the journey of two lovers into the happily ever after. They went through so many ups and downs, tears and laughter, sorrow and joy, trust and betrayal, longing and loathing, all during the span of five years since their first encounter. The premise of this novel is to test whether love is all people need to be in a relationship. Too many stories, love stories, just cover the iceberg of sweet moments, without really digging into it. Because truth be told, there are many aspects and prospects lie underneath all those silky smooth moments. Love is not just about having fallen head over heels over someone. Love is about coming to term with trusting the person you love, it’s about being vulnerable and try to overcome your insecurities and ready to share your life with another person and to think that love really is about combining two people together into ‘one’. This novel brings our attention to this one question: “Will love be ever enough to conquer all?”

Ian: “I have never loved anyone but you. I never will.”

Sparrow: “I guess love isn’t enough,”

Ian Orville Sterling is a famous musician, all around gorgeous and is a helpless romantic at his core. All his life he is struggling to believe about the perfect relationship, if there is even such a thing. Coming from a broken family of an abusive father and a defenseless mother, he doesn’t have the slightest idea about finding the one. Until one day, when he met ‘the one’.

Sparrow Kate Fisher is a beautiful girl. Long, curly hair, perfect proportion of supermodel height, and long kickass legs, mix with jaw-dropping sets of boobs and bum. She is a book author and enjoys most of her spare time reading novels. Her life turned upside down when she was just fourteen, when she went to see for the first time ‘the one’ she had been longing for performed. She cried her heart out throughout the performance. Fast forward, she finally met her soulmate one night, four years later, at a dinner with a family friend of her family. Her life had never been the same again since that one fateful, life-changing night.

Basically 50% of this novel went plainly boring, in my opinion. It was just like going through the motion. Nothing special. and then suddenly, BAM! Things started to unfold. I fidgeted the whole time they were apart. I mourned for their long lost years that they could have had. I started questioning everything. Whether love truly is enough for two people to build a relationship of a lifetime?

At first I was outraged by Ian’s betrayal. But man, did this man grovel. For almost a year, he sent Sparrow letters almost every day along with bouquet of flowers, and all sort of things that will melt your heart. He pleaded, he begged, he groveled, asking Sparrow for a second chance. I started to think that maybe he did deserve a second chance. After all, didn’t we all deserve it?

Meanwhile, all the efforts and energies he put in order to win her back didn’t seem to budge her from insisting on moving on from him. She was too scared and vulnerable to trust him again. It’s as if all her hopes and dreams are shattered all over the place.

“Of course I do. I put all my hopes and desires and love … into you. You think I don’t feel it? Imagine how you feel and then add the pain of knowing that I was never enough for you, that you didn’t value what I gave for you, that you were with someone else the entire time you were with me … put that all together and then you’ll know how I feel.”

After five years of being apart, fate seems to throw them at each other once again. Will five years of long lost love be enough to mend the broken heart? Does love truly is enough for the two of them? Is she ready to put her heart in the line, risking it all over again?

“I don’t want to live without you another day. I’m begging you for another chance. Please.”

This novel runs deeper than I thought it would be. It seems to hold some sentimental value. It makes me think and think and think about love. It makes me realize that ‘truly’ loving someone isn’t always enough. True love means a whole lot more than mere physical attractions and togetherness. True love means willing to trust, to compromise, to understand, to be sincere, to be vulnerable, to feel secured, and to put up with not only the good times but also the bad times. Love is about being a team and work together. Otherwise it won’t work. It’s like, you’re in it to win it, aren’t you? I think it’s not fair to just judge the novel based solely on its content and storyline, because this novel is trying to deliver some message here. Something that is greater than words. Thus I applaud the author for it. Great job, Ms. Willow Aster!


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