poem: Beautiful Creature of the Night

Hello people of earth! I just did this poem yesterday (the inspiration comes from Joanna Wilde’s Reaper’s Property..hehehe). This poem is about loving, adoring and liking someone obviously dangerous, and lethal. Could be a person from the other side of the track. But this person clearly gives tingle and good feeling to you. It is inspired by the love stories of women falling in love with bad boys (mafia, bikers, hustlers, etc). Loving someone ‘dangerous’ can be adventurous, sexy, lethal, sensual, thrilling and fun. And obviously, women love bad boys, don’t you?


Beautiful creature of the night

Come out from your cave, oh brave one

Just mingle around, but don’t make a jingle

because it makes me tingle

Beautiful creature of the night,

who comes bump at night

Devoured by darkness, consumed by madness

But oh my goodness, you drive me nuts

I love the way you caress me, kiss me

Tender loving care

Oh, beautiful creature of the night


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