poem: Blue Eyes, Tender Smile

Hello people! 🙂

This poem is about adoration of beautiful people. Physically beautiful people, people who are good to look at, easy on the eyes, gorgeous, all those people. You name it. This is about appreciation of human’s beauty. But not necessarily saying that only stereotypically beautiful people can be appreciated and loved. Cause everybody is beautiful in their own unique way. All I am trying to express is sometimes, when you’re in love, the person you love can be the most beautiful person in the world in your eyes. Love can make you see beautiful elements of other people. It makes you want to cherish God’s creations. So yeah, listen up people. You are beautiful, you are loved, you are wonderful, so go out there and be who you are because the more you’re acting like yourself, the more your inner beauty glows. Enjoy!


Blue eyes, pure light

Tender smile, brighten up the world

Take one look at me, please

Cause then I’ll know that I’ve crossed your mind

Possessive, aggressive, I crave that sassiness

Open up your eyes and please suck me in with your clarity

Blue eyes, too nice

Tender smile, lighten up my burden

Will you take a peek at me?

Peek a boo, peek a boo

Won’t beg you, just trust you

Cause I am sure those eyes can’t lie

Twinkling bright, I wonder is it sapphire?

Not quite, but most definitely not something dire

Too godly, so unlikely

But hey, I like you just the way you are

So please just take one look at me, oh diamond of the ocean

Blue eyes, full of life

Tender smile, bring me back to life

Please take one look at me, please


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