poem: Knock, Knock, Knock

Ni hao! Privet! Halo! Hi!

This poem is about insecurities, about sheltering yourself, your feeling from the outside world. The world is abusive and you can’t control what people think about you or what they will do to you. It is about guarding your heart cause to be honest there is no one in this world you can truly trust and 100% depends on. People make bad decision every single second, and sometimes it can hurt other people’s feelings. Even a husband can hurt his wife’s feeling. Even a mother can abuse her child. So be wary not to let your guards down otherwise people will attack you, brutally.


Knock, knock, knock, open the door

No I don’t want to open the door

Why are you knocking at my door?

I don’t want to let you in

So please stop the knocking cause I am locking

There’s nothing inside here anyway

Stop being persistent, you are so insistent

It’s dangerous, perilous

The world outside makes me delirious

I better stay inside for all that matters

So you better knock it off and leave me alone

I am not meant to be outside

It’s warm inside here, but it’s cold outside

So you better hurry and be wary

Go hide behind your own door and lock it up

Don’t let the fury lull your worry

Knock, knock, knock, open the door

But no I don’t want, so just leave me alone

Don’t be a knocker, be a locker

Stop, stop, stop, just stop all the knocks


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