poem: Love is Crazy

Hello you gorgeous people! This poem talks about the intricacies and complexities of love. Being in love is beautiful. But it can also get crazy and messy. But those are the art of love. If your love life is bland and flat, clearly you have to find a way to liven things up. This poem tells people that this person wants a colorful love life. This person wants to experience adventures and laughter in love. Basically this is about the fun parts of love. Well, every lovebird out there should experience these leaps of joy and fun of love. So go out there, express your love, share your love with people you love and just for at least once in your life be true to your heart. Love doesn’t have to be all about push and pull or holding back. It can be beautiful, to the point, and crazy. Just be free in love, you can trust it. It will make you happy.

Love surely is a crazy thing

At one point you’re jumping up and down with joy

But suddenly you get all sad and mad

They say love is crazy

But can you define what crazy is?

Funny, really, how love can change people’s lives completely

Totally and utterly

So now you can say love is a powerful thing

But yet, crazy at the same time


Three words which can drive people crazy

If it really is true, then prove me, amuse me

Now I am wondering, am I crazy?

Cause as crazy as it sounds I admit that I am crazily in love

Does it make me crazy? Now I am wondering

Well, love is crazy, and it really is messy

But I want to be crazy

And I really want to get messy

 Just so I can know what love is


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