poem: Love is Funny

Hola! What’s up??!

This poem is about looking at love from different perspective. Love can be fun, love doesn’t have to be miserable. You can enjoy love, you can let go and be free in love. Trust your heart and let go. Don’t try to hide your feeling. Be crazy in love, have fun in love, laugh in love, and just enjoooyyy!!


Let me tell you something funny

Today I met someone

I guess that someone might be the one

Funny though, cause I know nothing about that one

They say love can come at first sight

But it really is funny, my sight went off the moment I saw that one

But hey, no need to worry

Most of people say love is blind

Seriously yeah, but it certainly is funny

Can blind people see the world in color?

I am not colorblind, do you want to know why?

Because all my senses suddenly spring into life

And all my surrounding starts to jumble in colors only for that one

So after all, I guess it must be truly funny


I am giggling cause it’s kicking

Who knows love can be a funny thing

All I know people cry and whine because of love

I didn’t see that one coming though

I wonder if love comes in different facades

Some might be funny, some might be gaudy

Some might even be dandy, or even kinky

Lord knows what this is all about

All I know love is funny

Cause that someone is my honey

And my honey truly is funny


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