poem: Some More

Hi y’all! What’s up? This is another poem I wrote several days ago. Okay, let’s get this started.

This poem is talking about infidelity in relationships. It shows how people (couple in this case) often hurt each other in a relationship by cheating on their lover. It really comes down to having faith and trust in your lover, honestly. I wonder what truly motivates people to commit adultery. But clearly the aftermath of infidelity is devastating to both parties in a relationship. It goes beyond breakups and divorces actually. It can result in people having trust issue and commitment issue. It results in people hold back themselves and decline to open up their heart. Imagine, if the cheating happens in a marriage, what will the children feel? How will it affect their future? Love is a beautiful thing, really. It is lovers who make it seem dire. There are many reasons why people commit adultery, and I am not trying to blame or judge those adulterers. All I am trying to express through this poem is sadness, sorrow, and grief because I truly want a happily-ever-after story for every couple out there. This is for all the people who have been cheated on, or in grief because of a shattered relationship. You are not alone. If your in-a-brink-of-extinction relationship is worth fighting for, then go for it. Pride and ego can be pushed over to a little corner just for a moment, cause true love conquers all. Remember, you may feel proud today, but you might regret it in the future. So make you decision wisely. Enjoy!


I thought we had it all

I thought we were perfect in every sense

But No, you always wanted some more

Never appreciated what you had

Not until it was long lost and gone

Now I am way past the breaking point

I am irreparable, indescribable, indestructible

But hey, what do you know?

You’re heartless, full of numbness

Always wanted for some more

Always have, always will

Cold blood, hot blood, you drained my love dry

Yet never stop wanting for some more

I am doomed and loomed, was used and wasted

Do I still have it in me to take another step forward?

Maybe life isn’t all that bad

 But who am I to know that?

You’ve sucked me dry

I am dried out, but please light me up

Still, you keep wanting for some more


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