End of days, a new beginning

there comes a time
when the sun rises from the west
and sets from the east
the world is covered by a magnitude force of dark
what will happen when the universe is lacking of the existence of light?
light to shine through to break the dawn
the time stands still but clocks seem to be ticking anticlockwise instead
creatures are frightened and livid with rage
not a soul on this planet live in peace
lo and behold, here comes the prince of darkness
the ruler of the underworld himself has ascended from the clandestine realm below the civilization
Here he comes to claim the souls of brutes and thugs
but beware of the dark lord, for he might rob you blind of your dear ones
firstborn children are extremely fragile, thus you need to protect them at any cost
close all your doors, turn off all the light, and hide under the bed
he is the shadow itself
he moves with all the grace of murk
don’t come out from your hiding place just yet
for you know not when the divine power from up above will send to us the one
the one whose name shall not be spoken
the one who will save us all from the ravine of destruction
the end of the day we called the judgment day
so be still and steadfastly waiting for the savior
there comes a time
when the hounds howl
the mountains erupt in uncontrollable burst
the storms wipe out all creatures within their sight
the exact moment just before the new day begins
a new day where everything will be as fresh as dew in the morning
when it all comes back to the number after the big old zero
the beginning of a new future


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