I am alive

I am buried deep six feet under
suffocating as I am trying to grasp for air
my sweat reeks of hopelessness
trapped in a confined cage of death
it is so dark in here
I try to scratch and grasp
for nothing but burning pain
I want to crawl up to the surface
I am plummeted deep within the darkness of earth
one, two, three, take a deep breath
death here I come
I can see the door opening just a few steps away
in my narrow escape
a magnitude force of light suddenly seeps through the condensed ground
my surrounding starts to crumble
as a glint of fresh air bombarded my senses
I can smell cinnamon and freshly laundered sheet masked in warmth and fervent pleasure
that’s when it hits me,
this was all a sheer fantasy
I have jolted awake from my slumber
as the new day begin
a dream I dreamed
and I am alive.


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