Looking from afar

looking from afar
just looking, not touching
what a fine specimen of perfection
looking from afar
I long to touch, but you’re untouchable, unreachable
what a gift to humankind your presence is
looking from afar
admiring your beauty, a natural grace
I long to be with you, I just don’t know how to
You’re always surrounded by people
everywhere, every time
I look upon the heavens, sending a prayer to the deity above
asking for one chance to be with you
not too much of a plea
but one I fervently wish to come true
it pleases me to no end when you gazed into my eyes that one time
I swear to mother earth I stopped existing at that moment and went straight to paradise
I am no longer a mortal for I believe I have met the angel
someone please slap me across the face, just so I know this is real and not a figment of my imagination
an unnaturally vivid one, I am pretty sure of
crystal clear
remind me this is not a dream
looking from afar
I don’t mind the distance
for your gaze is more than enough to fill my every night’s dream
not to mention that I’ve crossed your mind even just for a tiny millisecond
looking from afar
you’re just too good to be true
but hey, who am I not to adore world’s finest creature?
looking from afar
just looking, not touching
you, yes you.


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