When two souls intertwine,
love is forged, ingrained forever in memory
inexplicable in every sense
irreversible in every way
love is a remedy to wounded souls,
it is pure, it is sacred
can only be attained by unadulterated mask of desire
aphrodisiac be damned in vanity
carnal desires are a sacrilege
the urge is overwhelming, sensational
all the firstborns and maidens are endangered
badly, it is so sadly, pure agony
the universe is spiraling down into the abyss
the big dome of sky is falling apart
reeking of godforsaken souls
fallen angels roam the land freely
leaving mother nature bare in soul,
unobstructed of the great danger that lurk in clandestine
ready to attack at any time
only an act of true love can free us all from the coming destruction
come and make love to me,
I surrender my soul in utter submission to thee
use me as you will
my fervent devotion, a visceral emotion
a commitment of a lifetime
my mate,
together, my mate.


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