My name is Chocorico

my name is Chocorico
People say I’m like chocolate, just delicious.
I think that’s why I am chocolicious
just an average guy
nothing special for all the say
though i know i am somewhat special
but i don’t tell people that
i like the anonymity of my peculiarity
you know this is a secret, right?
it means you cannot tell any other soul in this planet
if you dare to breach my confidentiality
i will rip you in half
and swallow you whole
well, you know that’s just an empty threat
for i am the kindest, most compassionate, empathetic soul ever grace planet earth
see, just how special i am?
i give as good as i get
but don’t try me
i am a wolf, living and breathing inside the body of a pup
i breathe fire
i walk on blazing surface of earth
probably i am not mother earth’s favorite creature
we just try to coexist with each other
though i cannot see any mutual benefit here
i mean, i can destroy her anytime of the day if i set my mind on it
but don’t tell her that, she might give me some serious problem
but here’s the secret, i am not afraid of you, b*tch.


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