I hate you
I have always hated you since day one
hate might be a very strong word, too strong as a matter of fact
but I couldn’t help myself
the thought of you is nauseating
you, being in my proximity threatens my sanity
the way you walk, and talk make me gawk in pure disgust
really, I hate you with every fiber of my being, with every sinew of my anatomy
you’re this prefect imagery of angel in disguise
are you playing this trick so you can fool people into thinking how saintly you are?
you know what, you can go to hell for all I care!
everywhere you go, you draw attention from people
everybody wants a piece of you
yes you, but not me
wait, I am not making any admission of your flawlessness
instead, I am merely stating your lack of one
you really have the audacity to flaunt all that you are wherever you go, strutting like a total drag
I wish I could kick you to the curb
you are this epitome of perfection, the embodiment of greatness
like a total package that you are
and the truth is I just want a little piece of you
well, I am not attracted to you
I just want to prove to myself how unworthy you are of my affection
I just couldn’t understand what the fuss is all about
you can’t be that perfect
it’s just not possible
so yeah, I am just testing the water, nothing more
yes, that is it, I am just curious
no feelings involve in this matter
jeez, what’s the big deal people?!
okay, okay, okay
I better come clean
I am making a confession now
truth is, I want you for myself, all for myself, just me. that is it
I am sick and tired of how everybody seems to have your time of the day while I got nothing. none. zilch. nada. zero.
when all I have ever truly wanted was you
I’ve been trying to fight off this feeling but it just too strong, I am overpowered by my own instinct
I know people like both of us shouldn’t be together
we’re too different on so many levels!
but that’s what makes you even more irresistible, you know?!
I lov–I mean, I am infatuated by you.
I like you. well, more than just like you.
I am so embarrassed right now, this is humiliating
I am not much for public display of affection
but ever since I laid my eyes on you that first day you walked passed me, all I have ever wanted to do was just to snuggle up with you and hold you tight
hell, the urge to do that seems to grow even stronger it’s almost overbearing
okay, I am obsessed with you
I–I…l-l-love you!
there, I’ve said it
the ball is now in your court
take me or leave me
I love you so much I hate myself for it
but all I want is you, okay?
just, please say yes or no
you say yes, let’s see where this thing goes
you say no, I’ll be out of your life
well, scratch that, you know I am not taking no for an answer, right? are you kidding?
so, either make your choice or I’ll make you do it
just want to remind you, I have a basement in my house, a dungeon to be honest, fully equipped with chains and whips and leash and all those stuff
just so you know…
you say no, it means…well, let’s not go there
you know what’s best for you
better make the right decision
that’s all I’ve got to say
I am signing off now.
yours truly,


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