POEM: Birdy Bird


It’s been a while, huh? Matter of fact it’s been too long, I totally forgot my username and password! Matter of fact when I finally logged in, my dashboard was all dusty. I even saw a patch of weeds in the upper-right corner! haha

Anyway, a shaft of light from up above struck me with inspiration and I thought I should resume my creative writing!

This Poem is a special one. It is actually about a person, someone I know. I am not going to disclose that someone’s personal information, okay?! So, this ‘bird’ is an adult male who acts and thinks like a toddler. I do ┬ánot want to refer him as stupid. I think he is okay. Maybe he is naive or innocent. I do not know! It is just that his ‘innocence’ is aggravating! Most of the time I want to strangle him! or maybe bitch-slap him so hard his teeth fall off! But at the same time, his ‘innocence’ gives me so much fun and joy and laughter! Let me laugh a good laugh as my homage to birdy bird: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


source: deviantart

Birdy bird,
I am whistling out to mother nature
reaching out to birdy bird
little birdy in the sky
color my life with a touch of laughter
flying around in circle
making tiny little chirpy chirp
oh, I am having so much fun!

Birdy bird,
tell me, who in the world are you?
kid me not, I want to know
Because you are so funny
but a tad too looney
oh, this is too much fun!

Birdy bird,
thank you, really!
oh, there is no end to this fun!