In silence

In a narrow alley way
In the midst of pitch darkness
Dark creatures are hiding behind thinly veiled serenity
Waiting to be found
Swallowing life’s very essence
In silence…
Emptiness, life is full of nothingness
I’m smiling but tearing up inside
Heart and soul
Lust in lost
No way to get lost in lust
In silence…
Both worlds are not enough
I need to a grip on my sanity
Otherwise I would just wither and die
In silence…


Through Parks and Rivers: A Quick Love Story

Lust and Wandering

Let me tell you a story.

It all started with a short walk that turned into a long one, until the kilometers just kept on adding up. By the Pear River he and I walked –

Through the blistering heat of noon,
By the vibrant canvas of sunset,
Shivering a bit from the cold of winter nights,
Basking in the silence of balmy summer dawns.



Somewhere along those kilometers, I chanced upon the glorious sight of his grey eyes, flecked with yellow looking so ardent as he explained the elements of what makes a sunset beautiful (“It’s not the sun per se, but the perfect merging of wispy clouds and fiery lavender skies”) and I knew…

I was forever lost in his depths, like a coin tossed into the murky waters of the Zhu Jiang.



Little did I know, somewhere along the countless backstreets, parks, markets, temples, and…

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