A Tale of Doo-Bee-Doo!

Once upon a time, there was a young woman

The young woman was of 29 summers

The young woman  loved to write and tell stories about the brave and noble knights

When she was little, the young woman made a wish that one day,

A brave and noble knight would marry her

She chanted one little wish out to the fairies in the forest

Here it goes:

“Let the bravest be the kindest,

let the noble one be the most passionate,

I shall one day meet a prince,

who just so happens to be a knight

and would help me make it through the night”

Little did she know, the teeny tiny blue fairy was listening

With her little fairy dust, she made a wonder:


You shall be as what you wished to do”


Once upon a time, there was a young man

The young man was as strong as in the mind as he was in the body

The young man dreamed of being the bravest, most noble knight in the land

The young man trained and trained and… trained

One day, he went to train in the forest

Whilst fencing and dancing with his wooden sword, he chanted:

“I shall be a knight,

the bravest, most noble,

not to mention most charming in the land,

I shall rescue a princess and save the day”

Oops, there was the teeny tiny blue fairy!

As she giggled, she whispered:


You shall be as what you wished to do”


Once upon a time, there was a man and a woman,

The woman was a princess, and

The man was a prince who just so happened to be a knight,

The man was the bravest and most noble knight in the land,

He wanted to rescue the woman and made her day,

Out of the blue, one teeny tiny little blue fairy appeared!

“Hmmm…one little gift from one teeny tiny blue fairy…


You shall be as what you wished to do”


Once upon a time, there was a man and a woman,

The man was a knight, and

The woman was a princess,

and they lived happily ever after.


Happy birthday, Vinny! 🙂


Say this with your accent: I don’t like you cuz you smell like a hobo. Oops, sorry that was uncalled for. I don’t mean to be rude against hobonism. #MakeHoboGreatAgain

Anyhoo, there’s this man whose identity shall remain anonymous. He’s got an accent. He speaks with an accent. I can’t really tell what though. Call it a pet peeve. But it just irritates me to no end. Same as people who eat like a barnyard animal. This annoying as heck sound they make when they chew food. I mean, are you a frickin piglet? Even piglet is much better-mannered than y’all trfilin barnyard animals! Geez! See? It aggravated me gggrrr… *takes deep breaths*

I have always found accents very intriguing. British, American, Cockney, Australian, Russian, German, Spanish. All just very enticing. But this particular undetected accent, this annoying as hell sound, just like the sound of styrofoam squeaking! HhAaAAtTEee it! hahahaa

Okay, I better stop before I lose my goddamn mind. BYE!

Sad True Story

Oh Lord,
What happened to humanity?
What happened to the very basic essence of life that is love?
Love is not just a simple four-letter word L-O-V-E as the song says
Love is courage, Love is loyalty, Love is commitment, Love is truth,
Love is understanding, Love is caring, Love is giving, Love is taking,
Love is sharing, Love is nurturing, Love is growing, Love is faith,
Love is believing, Love is trusting, Love is honest, Love is patience,
Love is Love…
Love is the one piece that glues us all together
Love is not you and I, it’s we, it’s us
How can two people call it love when it’s all coated with lies,
deceits, and dishonesty?
How can two people hold their head up high as if nothing has ever happened?
How can two people lie and being dishonest to their very own self?
Love is a force that breaks through the wind,
Love is Love,
Cheating is not love, adultery is not love, affair is not love,
disloyalty is not love, dishonesty is not love, unfaithfulness is not love,
Love is Love,
Love is all about saying I have what I need. I need no more.
Love is Love,
but people break love
So how can I say Love is Love ever again?
But I have faith,
So let me say it one more time,
Love is Love 😦

Cheaters go to hell :/

One thing I really cannot tolerate in life is infidelity. adultery. cheating. affair.

Now, if you’re into open relationships and sharing those kinda things, you better leave now.

OK, to the rest of you, lying cheating scumbags out there, listen to me. Hey, how you doing? It’s all good, it’s all fine? LIES! I wanna tell y’all something very important: clean your own junks. So frickin gross.

Not only are you people liars, y’all also fucked in the head. My question is, why do you make a commitment if you know you won’t be able to keep it? If you prefer dickS and vaginaS – yes, bitches. I mean plural with a big friggin S – why y’all settle down with only one? Out of obligation? Procrastination purpose? Religion related? Pffft. Gimme a frickin break because my blood sugar be low. *tries to calm mind, body and spirit*

Name me one or two good reasons why infidelities happen in the first place?

Imma try to put myself in y’all stinky ragged shoes:

  1. Emotional crack-headed bitch: OMG, he ain’t want me no more. He been working all day long, he ain’t have time for me anymore. *goes into ugly cry mode*
  2. Overpaid, fat-ass sleazy douche: Damn, she getting thick. I’m a man with needs and functioning eyes, how am I suppose to get it up if she look like Gloria from Madagascar? *rubs self, thinks of the anorexic chick at work*
  3. Ugly-ass douche who thinks he’s a looker: Fml I can’t stand it no more, I’m Don Juan, girls come at a snap of  my fingers. I’m gonna find me some hot chicks I can bang. Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do. *thrusts hips into air and grabs crotch*
  4. Gramps: Granny’s gonna be dead soon, I’ll find me a maiden to bear me an heir. *flashbacks to 1769 when he was a playboy*
  5. Cougar slash expiring-soon momma: Oh-la-la! Them young hunks are making my minora labia and majora labia twitching with praises and joy. They get all grey’s anatomy and I do need some grey’s anatomy action in my boring life. *fixes oversized fake boobs and puts on more water-resistant lipstick from Estee Lauder*

What else, that’s all I can think of now, I’ll continue the list later xD

ANYHOO..Excuses, excuses, and excuses. Now I’m not saying that I’m a saint whatsoever. Temptation will always be there, after all we all have physical needs, right? However, it’s a different story when you’re already committed to someone and you break your commitment just so you can get a temporary release.

Keep your pants and panties on! Geez!!

OK I’m done, I need to go back to work xD :p Wipe yo own shit, people! TTYL


Words are cheap, make your life clean

“You are it for me, the one and only for me. My other half.”

“I love you more than anything in this world.”

“I will never stop loving you.”

“I wanna grow old and grey with you.”

So romantic, huh? Who believes all these? Come on, don’t be shy, raise your hand. I see five hands in the air, oh! ten…thirty…fifty! All I can say is, been there, done that uh huh.

Now, who here has been deceived by sweet sugary diabetic words? *raises hand*

Never a dull moment in life. People come and go. Moments passed. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years passed and there’s always something lurking in the corner of the street, waiting to jump at you. Life’s a bitch indeed.

It is true, physical wounds can be healed, but wounds caused by words? Worst case scenario is it’s incurable. Ta-da! How many times in life you have been promised things but ended up with nothing but heartache? It’s so frickin overrated. Mom and Dad made empty promises, friends talked bullshit, BFFs flaked out, and got jilted by lovers. Not a new story.

This post is not meant to offer solutions, words of comfort or whatsoever. This is a bitter truth talk. Focus on doing what you love, what you want to accomplish in life, you are your own pilot, other people are just passersby. After all the lies, you should know better than to lean on other people. No matter how close you are with someone/some people, no matter how much you trust them, NEVER, EVER give away yourself 100%. You gotta reserve some part of yourself for yourself. Ok I’m out. xD buh-bye.