Sad True Story

Oh Lord,
What happened to humanity?
What happened to the very basic essence of life that is love?
Love is not just a simple four-letter word L-O-V-E as the song says
Love is courage, Love is loyalty, Love is commitment, Love is truth,
Love is understanding, Love is caring, Love is giving, Love is taking,
Love is sharing, Love is nurturing, Love is growing, Love is faith,
Love is believing, Love is trusting, Love is honest, Love is patience,
Love is Love…
Love is the one piece that glues us all together
Love is not you and I, it’s we, it’s us
How can two people call it love when it’s all coated with lies,
deceits, and dishonesty?
How can two people hold their head up high as if nothing has ever happened?
How can two people lie and being dishonest to their very own self?
Love is a force that breaks through the wind,
Love is Love,
Cheating is not love, adultery is not love, affair is not love,
disloyalty is not love, dishonesty is not love, unfaithfulness is not love,
Love is Love,
Love is all about saying I have what I need. I need no more.
Love is Love,
but people break love
So how can I say Love is Love ever again?
But I have faith,
So let me say it one more time,
Love is Love 😦

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