Say this with your accent: I don’t like you cuz you smell like a hobo. Oops, sorry that was uncalled for. I don’t mean to be rude against hobonism. #MakeHoboGreatAgain

Anyhoo, there’s this man whose identity shall remain anonymous. He’s got an accent. He speaks with an accent. I can’t really tell what though. Call it a pet peeve. But it just irritates me to no end. Same as people who eat like a barnyard animal. This annoying as heck sound they make when they chew food. I mean, are you a frickin piglet? Even piglet is much better-mannered than y’all trfilin barnyard animals! Geez! See? It aggravated me gggrrr… *takes deep breaths*

I have always found accents very intriguing. British, American, Cockney, Australian, Russian, German, Spanish. All just very enticing. But this particular undetected accent, this annoying as hell sound, just like the sound of styrofoam squeaking! HhAaAAtTEee it! hahahaa

Okay, I better stop before I lose my goddamn mind. BYE!


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