A Tale of Doo-Bee-Doo!

Once upon a time, there was a young woman

The young woman was of 29 summers

The young woman  loved to write and tell stories about the brave and noble knights

When she was little, the young woman made a wish that one day,

A brave and noble knight would marry her

She chanted one little wish out to the fairies in the forest

Here it goes:

“Let the bravest be the kindest,

let the noble one be the most passionate,

I shall one day meet a prince,

who just so happens to be a knight

and would help me make it through the night”

Little did she know, the teeny tiny blue fairy was listening

With her little fairy dust, she made a wonder:


You shall be as what you wished to do”


Once upon a time, there was a young man

The young man was as strong as in the mind as he was in the body

The young man dreamed of being the bravest, most noble knight in the land

The young man trained and trained and… trained

One day, he went to train in the forest

Whilst fencing and dancing with his wooden sword, he chanted:

“I shall be a knight,

the bravest, most noble,

not to mention most charming in the land,

I shall rescue a princess and save the day”

Oops, there was the teeny tiny blue fairy!

As she giggled, she whispered:


You shall be as what you wished to do”


Once upon a time, there was a man and a woman,

The woman was a princess, and

The man was a prince who just so happened to be a knight,

The man was the bravest and most noble knight in the land,

He wanted to rescue the woman and made her day,

Out of the blue, one teeny tiny little blue fairy appeared!

“Hmmm…one little gift from one teeny tiny blue fairy…


You shall be as what you wished to do”


Once upon a time, there was a man and a woman,

The man was a knight, and

The woman was a princess,

and they lived happily ever after.


Happy birthday, Vinny! 🙂

Life of a good-bad little man

There is something weird in life where two lives collide and create a spark so majestic, it turns the whole world upside down. Shake it right down the core as they say it. I am a good-bad little man, I live, I exist, I believe. This is a story of my goodness, this is a story of my badness, this is a story of my good-bad life, I am a good-bad little man.

I watch this old world gets older, but I am not so sure it gets wiser. Is it the people or the Earth? It is baffling, I am trying to decide which is which. I think people are good actors. People many a times smile, but cry behind closed doors. Other times, they smile, but curse and cuss behind the joker mask. Poker face as the ever-popular female singer called Lady Gaga define it. See, Lady Gaga. It is an oxymoron. A lady is someone with exceptional beauty and grace while a gaga is someone cuckoo and probably has flushed his mind down the toilet. Hi hi hi.

Another example is myself. I am a good-bad little man. Good contradicts bad. Bad does not sit well with good. Maybe that means I am bad but I try to be good? Or the other way around. Nevertheless, I am a good-bad little man.

If you think about it, why do people fall in love? why does a person feel an attraction to another? all jumble up into one big mystery called life. I am a good-bad man, I intend to reveal and dismantle the tale that is as old as time, the mystery of life.

My name is Chocorico

my name is Chocorico
People say I’m like chocolate, just delicious.
I think that’s why I am chocolicious
just an average guy
nothing special for all the say
though i know i am somewhat special
but i don’t tell people that
i like the anonymity of my peculiarity
you know this is a secret, right?
it means you cannot tell any other soul in this planet
if you dare to breach my confidentiality
i will rip you in half
and swallow you whole
well, you know that’s just an empty threat
for i am the kindest, most compassionate, empathetic soul ever grace planet earth
see, just how special i am?
i give as good as i get
but don’t try me
i am a wolf, living and breathing inside the body of a pup
i breathe fire
i walk on blazing surface of earth
probably i am not mother earth’s favorite creature
we just try to coexist with each other
though i cannot see any mutual benefit here
i mean, i can destroy her anytime of the day if i set my mind on it
but don’t tell her that, she might give me some serious problem
but here’s the secret, i am not afraid of you, b*tch.


I hate you
I have always hated you since day one
hate might be a very strong word, too strong as a matter of fact
but I couldn’t help myself
the thought of you is nauseating
you, being in my proximity threatens my sanity
the way you walk, and talk make me gawk in pure disgust
really, I hate you with every fiber of my being, with every sinew of my anatomy
you’re this prefect imagery of angel in disguise
are you playing this trick so you can fool people into thinking how saintly you are?
you know what, you can go to hell for all I care!
everywhere you go, you draw attention from people
everybody wants a piece of you
yes you, but not me
wait, I am not making any admission of your flawlessness
instead, I am merely stating your lack of one
you really have the audacity to flaunt all that you are wherever you go, strutting like a total drag
I wish I could kick you to the curb
you are this epitome of perfection, the embodiment of greatness
like a total package that you are
and the truth is I just want a little piece of you
well, I am not attracted to you
I just want to prove to myself how unworthy you are of my affection
I just couldn’t understand what the fuss is all about
you can’t be that perfect
it’s just not possible
so yeah, I am just testing the water, nothing more
yes, that is it, I am just curious
no feelings involve in this matter
jeez, what’s the big deal people?!
okay, okay, okay
I better come clean
I am making a confession now
truth is, I want you for myself, all for myself, just me. that is it
I am sick and tired of how everybody seems to have your time of the day while I got nothing. none. zilch. nada. zero.
when all I have ever truly wanted was you
I’ve been trying to fight off this feeling but it just too strong, I am overpowered by my own instinct
I know people like both of us shouldn’t be together
we’re too different on so many levels!
but that’s what makes you even more irresistible, you know?!
I lov–I mean, I am infatuated by you.
I like you. well, more than just like you.
I am so embarrassed right now, this is humiliating
I am not much for public display of affection
but ever since I laid my eyes on you that first day you walked passed me, all I have ever wanted to do was just to snuggle up with you and hold you tight
hell, the urge to do that seems to grow even stronger it’s almost overbearing
okay, I am obsessed with you
I–I…l-l-love you!
there, I’ve said it
the ball is now in your court
take me or leave me
I love you so much I hate myself for it
but all I want is you, okay?
just, please say yes or no
you say yes, let’s see where this thing goes
you say no, I’ll be out of your life
well, scratch that, you know I am not taking no for an answer, right? are you kidding?
so, either make your choice or I’ll make you do it
just want to remind you, I have a basement in my house, a dungeon to be honest, fully equipped with chains and whips and leash and all those stuff
just so you know…
you say no, it means…well, let’s not go there
you know what’s best for you
better make the right decision
that’s all I’ve got to say
I am signing off now.
yours truly,


When two souls intertwine,
love is forged, ingrained forever in memory
inexplicable in every sense
irreversible in every way
love is a remedy to wounded souls,
it is pure, it is sacred
can only be attained by unadulterated mask of desire
aphrodisiac be damned in vanity
carnal desires are a sacrilege
the urge is overwhelming, sensational
all the firstborns and maidens are endangered
badly, it is so sadly, pure agony
the universe is spiraling down into the abyss
the big dome of sky is falling apart
reeking of godforsaken souls
fallen angels roam the land freely
leaving mother nature bare in soul,
unobstructed of the great danger that lurk in clandestine
ready to attack at any time
only an act of true love can free us all from the coming destruction
come and make love to me,
I surrender my soul in utter submission to thee
use me as you will
my fervent devotion, a visceral emotion
a commitment of a lifetime
my mate,
together, my mate.

Looking from afar

looking from afar
just looking, not touching
what a fine specimen of perfection
looking from afar
I long to touch, but you’re untouchable, unreachable
what a gift to humankind your presence is
looking from afar
admiring your beauty, a natural grace
I long to be with you, I just don’t know how to
You’re always surrounded by people
everywhere, every time
I look upon the heavens, sending a prayer to the deity above
asking for one chance to be with you
not too much of a plea
but one I fervently wish to come true
it pleases me to no end when you gazed into my eyes that one time
I swear to mother earth I stopped existing at that moment and went straight to paradise
I am no longer a mortal for I believe I have met the angel
someone please slap me across the face, just so I know this is real and not a figment of my imagination
an unnaturally vivid one, I am pretty sure of
crystal clear
remind me this is not a dream
looking from afar
I don’t mind the distance
for your gaze is more than enough to fill my every night’s dream
not to mention that I’ve crossed your mind even just for a tiny millisecond
looking from afar
you’re just too good to be true
but hey, who am I not to adore world’s finest creature?
looking from afar
just looking, not touching
you, yes you.

I am alive

I am buried deep six feet under
suffocating as I am trying to grasp for air
my sweat reeks of hopelessness
trapped in a confined cage of death
it is so dark in here
I try to scratch and grasp
for nothing but burning pain
I want to crawl up to the surface
I am plummeted deep within the darkness of earth
one, two, three, take a deep breath
death here I come
I can see the door opening just a few steps away
in my narrow escape
a magnitude force of light suddenly seeps through the condensed ground
my surrounding starts to crumble
as a glint of fresh air bombarded my senses
I can smell cinnamon and freshly laundered sheet masked in warmth and fervent pleasure
that’s when it hits me,
this was all a sheer fantasy
I have jolted awake from my slumber
as the new day begin
a dream I dreamed
and I am alive.